Extor 2100 Online

Suitable for removing floating dust and small chips.

Extor 2100 Online is designed for continuous removal of floating dust and small chips e.g. graphite and different synthetic fibers. The system is suitable for small machine tools and it has a high degree of separation. With automatic pneumatic main filter cleaning and the chance to empty collecting bin during operation allows continuous use of the system. Low and easy maintenance together with a need of small floor area make this a reliable package for your needs.

Technical data

Frequency [Hz] 50 60
Max. air volume [m³/h] 2100 2800
Max. vacuum [Pa] 2700 3450
Voltage [V] 400 400
Current [A] 3,1 5,8
Power [kW] 2,2 3
Noise level [dB](A) 69 72



Height [mm] 2200
Width [mm] 660
Depth [mm] 690
Weight [kg] 130


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Main filter Filtration area [m²] Material
PTFE filter 4 x 5 (20) ePTFE
Control filter
Micro filter 7 Glass fibre



Overfilling sensor
Remote control
Filter monitoring
Malfunction indicator light
Blowing function
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